A Game of Roofies

Let’s play a game… I will give you several clues, and you tell me who slipped the girl the date rape drug.  Sounds fun, huh? **Clue #1 – The girl went out to grab some beers, with her male cousin and his girlfriend.** **Clue #2 – The three went to a very respectable bar, known … More A Game of Roofies

Just… Bleh.

I was pumped all day for my long run tonight. 20+ miles done in 6 runs in 10 days. I was ready to #getsome! Only I wasn’t. All weekend long we were trapped inside the house awaiting the “Biggest Ice Storm in 10 Years”. It never happened. Yes, we got some great family snuggle time. … More Just… Bleh.

Latex Gloves

Do you know when you have one person going into the restroom at the same time another person is leaving, both exerting the same amount of force to open the door, but it not being enough power to hint that there is someone on the other side of the door, causing both parties involved to … More Latex Gloves

The Bloody Mary Trials – Julia’s

My favorite so far on this journey!! FANTASTIC Bloody at Julia's Market Cafe at Soulard Farmer's Market: Great mix, a healthy shot of Vodka, salted rim, pickled asparagus, pickled green bean, and celery to garnish. #bloodymarytrials #bloodymary #daydrinking #vicariouslyspeaking A post shared by Cari Hoover (@sixbemuse) on Mar 19, 2016 at 10:59am PDT