Poll Time: Repurposing a Home Bar

My husband and I bought our house back in 2012. It was a foreclosure with amazing potential. We scooped it up at a fraction of the price and used the money saved to repaint the entire upstairs, reline the pool, fix the retaining wall, and finish the walk-out basement. We finished the fourth bedroom downstairs …

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Down the Drain

I dumped a bottle of booze down the drain today. It was a liberating experience. One, because it was a nasty ass bottle of Mezcal with a bloated grub worm floating at the bottom. Years ago, my mother handed over this half bottle of disgustingness. Her excuse: to help "stock our new bar". I cut …

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Sugar How’d You Get So Fly?

Wow. Not just wow, but fucking WOW! The amount of supportive responses to me "coming out" about my sobriety yesterday were nothing short of amazing. My @flirting_with_sobriety Instagram account gained another 40-something followers overnight and this blog's stats hit so hard, I set all-time records on the page. So, first and foremost, thank you. Thank …

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