Our Mayor Wears a Dressing Gown

I had to work late tonight, our kitchen is a construction zone due to new countertops being installed, and I just didn't feel like making an effort.  In my book, that's what I call a trifecta: we were getting take out for dinner. After picking up our Subway sandwiches, I mentioned to the kids how although …

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Wearing a Loincloth to P.E.

Oh buddy... my little guy has struck again.  For those of you tuning in late to this program already in progress, my son Jameson has quite a way with words.  His literary faux pas are sometimes hilarious; if you enjoy this latest one, I suggest you take a stroll through the Jameson-isms category of this …

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A Home Bar With a Conscience

When my husband and I constructed a home bar in our finished basement, we thought we were creating a place of occasional relaxation and adult escape.  We didn't realize that we were installing a conscience as well. Workout completed, dinner finished, lunches packed, basketball practice done, homework complied with, nighttime stories read, the kids tucked into bed, kitchen …

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Back to the Ballgame

James, my nine-year old word master, strikes again. About to leave for his 9:00am park district baseball game this morning, James questions our mode of transportation: "Mom, are we taking your car or the Delorean?" "Considering we don't own a Delorean, James, but a Durango," I replied, " we will probably just take my car."

Alaina is Sausage!

Today was my oldest daughter's last day of high school.  Ever.  <sniff> Wanting to make a lasting impression on the rest of her senior class, Alaina decided to get dressed up this morning before school.  She looked stunning; wearing an adorable white sundress she had (tastefully) applied make-up and had curled her hair. I couldn't help but …

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