The Written Word

Good morning, fellow Bloggers!

We’re a dying breed, aren’t we? With shorts and reels and stories, less and less written content is being published.

I hate it.

Don’t get me wrong, some of the content I come across is severely entertaining. Some videos are inspiring and persuasive, some have encouraged me to book travel, some simply make me want to hug my family a little tighter. But overall, social media is a time-suck. I’ve fallen into the trap of vegging out in front of my phone for <sometimes> hours watching other people do dumb shit. Or watching people do great shit. Or watching other people react to other people doing shit.

What the hell is this?! How much time is being wasted by simply watching other people? Why aren’t WE doing?!

Several years ago, I downloaded a blank circle habit tracker. At the beginning of each month, I identify positive habits I want to accomplish daily throughout that month. Items such as ‘meditate’, ‘walk 11,100 steps’ (excuse my obsession with numbers), and ‘exercise’ are constants, but I change up the other six tasks to fit what I feel that I need to concentrate on for that month. ‘Practice gratitude 3x a day’, ‘journal/write’, and ‘spend 10+ minutes outside’ frequent my charts often. ‘No alcohol’ was crucial in the beginning of my journey to an alcohol free life.

This upcoming month of May, however, my habit tracker deserves an overhaul.

For example, I go outside. Often. I listen to music almost every day. With warmer weather looming, these two aren’t going to need quite the push. I’m also pretty darn good at throwing out compliments, as often as I can. So these tasks can be crossed off, knowing they will continue, regardless if they’re in my face or not.

For the month of May, I will be adding ‘no social media’ (Insta, FB, etc.), ‘post blog content’, and ‘read 30 minutes’ to my tracker. I am feeling a strong pull to the written word lately, and what’s the saying? If you want to see the change, be the change. It’s time to get back to an art form that I truly love, and step away from platforms that are distracting me from that.

Work has kicked my ass lately. Sometimes, the last thing I want to do is get on a computer again after I’ve logged off for the day. Just as in past months, though, these habits are goals. I’m not going to promise daily posts, but I’ll make an effort. And I’ll make an effort to get on your sites, my fellow bloggers, to read and comment on your posts as well.

The definition of ‘may’ is expressing possibility. With tomorrow being the start of a new month, I think this is quite fitting, isn’t it?



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