Unapologetically, ME

I’m tired, ya’ll. Not in the COVID, work, family, life-tired kind of way. It’s more of a self-induced, stretching myself thin. Social media is amazing. It promotes. With the right tag, it can launch your words to thousands of different people from every walk of life. If you have more than one platform? It gets fucking draining. Here is Cari, in a nutshell…

  • Cari Hoover Facebook Page – a.k.a., the real Facebook Page. This is my personal page where my “friends” really are my friends and I try to tone down my overuse of the word “fuck” and dry/sick humor, because family.
  • viCARIously Speaking Facebook Page – raunchy and unfiltered. This is where I link (most) of the blog posts from this site, although as of late, it has been more memes that make me smile. Plus, you don’t have to really think with memes. Just crop, post, and go.
  • Cari Anne Hoover Facebook Page – sigh. So, I wrote a Children’s Book, right? It was suggested that I create a platform that is a bit less…vulgar / raunchy / fill in the blank to promote said Children’s Book.
  • http://www.cariannehoover.com – This is the blog that links to the less vulgar / raunchy / fill in the blank Facebook Page.

And then there is Instagram…

  • @Sixbemuse – a.k.a., the real me Insta account. Pictures of my kids, my hubby, and I in all our glory. You know, the edited, filtered, post-worthy pictures that I don’t let just anyone have access to.
  • @CariAnneHoover – double sigh. This is the Insta account that is linked to the blog and the Facebook page so if my Children’s book ever does get published, any fans that happen on my page won’t see the word fuck. OR cunt. Because I like to use that one too. OR ‘eat a dick’. Because that is another favorite phrase. Not quite 10 year old appropriate. I get it.
  • Last but not least…. over the past year, I have flirted with the idea of sobriety. (& before you gasp and clutch your breast and dial your favorite child’s phone number to discuss your alcoholic daughter’s “Come to Jesus” moment <I’m talking to you, Mom>, just back that train right the fuck up. Because I have another post coming about that here shortly.) Back to Instagram…. Last year, I downloaded this app called “I Am Sober”. Kick ass app. It gives you a date that you can refer to when your last drink, puff, snort, entire chocolate cake (whatever your addiction) was, and an awesome community to interact with for support. All in the name of anonymity. Which is great when you first start out and are awkward and embarrassed to be there. The only issue, is that when you are building supportive relationships with these people, there is no way to DM. So, I created a @flirting_with_sobriety Instagram account. Wouldn’t you know it, in the four days that this account has been active, I have 38 followers and a slew of supportive, nurturing friendships. One of which, (I’m talking to you ‘Dan’) reminded me that I had absolutely nothing to hide, and I should be unapologetically ME.

viCARIously Speaking is going to have a different look and feel here shortly. 2021 is right around the corner, and what better time to clean house? Over the next few days, I will be cleaning out the old and making room for the new. That includes my new page, linked at the top of viCARIously Speaking, Flirting With Sobriety. If I can link the Insta account to the page, great. If not, she gone. Cari Anne Hoover? She gone. I didn’t like that fucking name anyway. viCARIously Speaking? Get ready, because in 2021, she’s coming. Bigger and badder than ever.


4 thoughts on “Unapologetically, ME

  1. Dan

    Cari!! I’m so proud of you!! I can barely keep up with the singular account I have on each platform. I can’t imagine the web of different allowances into your life. I look forward to getting to know Cari—all my best and cheers (AF) to the New Year (You)!

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