Life, Through the Eyes of a Six Year Old

Anyone who lives with a 6-year old knows that life can be very… entertaining. Every day, I happen upon the strangest things.  Sometimes I can put two and two together and figure out Mackenzie’s thought processes.  Other times, these discoveries take a little explanation. The following photos and phrases were captured in the span of a week. 1.) I was … More Life, Through the Eyes of a Six Year Old


I have been feeling pretty darn good about myself lately.  A friend and I had recently attended an Embrace premier: a documentary about women and their struggle with body image placed on them by media and obscure societal views.  The message delivered was immense: transform your mindset from trying to achieve the ‘perfect body’ to embracing the one … More Wrinkles

The Stealing Drawer

I love my kids.  But there is no one in the world who will test my patience or make me question my sanity more than one of them.  Well, maybe my husband, but I’ll save that for another post. Over a year ago, my eldest took flight and moved out of the house to attend college … More The Stealing Drawer

Hide the Evidence

“Grumpy Cat” and Xena got into a fight last night while MacKenzie was sleeping unsuspectingly in the same room. Grumpy Cat lost. To thwart a Level 7, International Nuclear Event Meltdown provided by my cat-obsessed four-year old, I did what any proactive Mama would do: I swiftly collected Grumpy Cat’s carcass and brain matter off … More Hide the Evidence

Crazy Hair Day

This is “Spirit Week” at Kenzie’s Daycare.  Why in the hell a daycare needs spirit, I don’t know.  I am fairly certain that the six-month olds don’t give a shit if their room’s mismatched outfits are better than the toddler room’s mismatched outfits. It’s bad enough they send home these freaking “homework assignments” once a month.  It’s not like I … More Crazy Hair Day


It was Easter time, two years ago in the Land of Guam, when I happened upon her.  She was beautiful; her pink and white fur gleamed, and her two black eyes were like bits of polished onyx under the fluorescent lighting.  Her shirt bore the embroidered message “hug me”.  Awwww. She was the most aesthetically … More Meow