Just Call Me Anonymous

What do you do to be involved in the community?

Short answer? I don’t.

There’s a reason we bought a little piece of property off the beaten path. I hide in my Utopian domicile, the majority of the time. I don’t like getting involved. People are messy.

Yeah, yeah… enough with the side eye. I’m not a total Scrooge McDuck.

I do my part. My town has a “Blessing Box” where I regularly donate food to help those struggling to feed themselves or their families. I’ve dropped my fair share of “anonymous” donations into kids’ sports fundraisers that come across my Facebook feed. I’m a sucker for GoFundMe charity drives for people truly in need. We adopt a family during the holidays from the local school. I donate seeds and vegetables from my garden, clothes, household goods, the such. You know, a helping hand that should be done in confidence… which kind of makes me feel like a shit bag for even talking about. Oh well, you asked.

But actual interactions with the community? Ew. Hard pass.


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