Poll Time: Repurposing a Home Bar

My husband and I bought our house back in 2012. It was a foreclosure with amazing potential. We scooped it up at a fraction of the price and used the money saved to repaint the entire upstairs, reline the pool, fix the retaining wall, and finish the walk-out basement. We finished the fourth bedroom downstairs …

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It’s Okay, I’m Okay

Feel the feeling but don't become the emotion. Witness it. Allow it. Release it. - Crystal Andrus I'm feeling better today. Just like a sickness that needs to be expelled from your body, I think I needed to vomit those thoughts out yesterday. I needed a "poor me" moment. I needed to show that my …

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7 Inches

7 inches. 7 heavy, penetrating, soft, dreamlike inches of... SNOW!  (What did you think I was talking about, pervert?) I don't mind being cold.  As long as there is snow. I don't mind the overcast, dreary days of winter.  As long as there is snow. I don't mind being stuck at home because of the …

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DIY Liars

Two weeks after being diagnosed with a severe allergic response to limonene and fragrance mix II, my allergist added "propolis" to the list after a delayed response marker appeared on my back.  Shit. Propolis is resin collected by honeybees used to fill crevices and to seal honeycombs.  Fucking bee glue. Confused on why I would …

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