Breaking News…

What’s a job you would like to do for just one day?

Muwhahahahaha <evil laugh>

For one day only, I’d like to be the CEO of a major television news media outlet. Or the News Director. Whoever decides what airs. And it would be my day, my rules.

The news station would ONLY be allowed to air 24 hours of real news. None of that fake news bullshit. 24 hours of actual news-worthy content. No time for advertisements or commercials or stories about someone’s stupid dog. Ain’t nobody got time for that. 24 glorious hours of nothing but thought-provoking, “wait what?!” content. Conspiracy theories? Oh, you better believe it pal.

All eyes would be glued to the TV, lest the viewers miss what really happened to JFK or Princess Diana or at Roswell. I’d have guest speakers who would leak the truth about COVID, our president being a puppet, and the Epstein’s island list.

We would have to go under the guise of a hostile takeover in the name of “the truth”. After my day was over, the news station would surely try to save face. But the damage would be done. We would open people’s eyes, even for a short 24 hours. We would plant seeds of doubt in what is being normally fed. YouTubers would capture clips and repost and the force-fed information highway would slowly open up to crossroads and off ramps and side roads of non-mainstream thinking.

Yes …. 24 hours would be the perfect amount of time to spin up a total shit storm.


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