Clutter, Authorized 

I normally can’t stand clutter, especially on my kitchen countertops . Today? I make an exception.

You see, in my dehydrator are delicious marinated salt and vinegar zucchini chips, having the moisture delicately removed to perfect crunch status.  It’s that time of year, people – I will have more zucchinis pulled out of my garden than I will know what to do with. Zucchini chips are a nice, healthy alternative to my craving of all things “chip”. <Read about my love here –> at The Whip and Zucchini Chips>

But, it doesn’t stop there! The heat that my dehydrator expels will speed the lactofermintatiom process of my (a) pickled radishes, (b) ginger-beet Kvass, and (c) already bubbling ginger bug!!!

Win-win summer clutter!!

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