Poo Juice

Several years ago, while searching for “healthy recipes”, I happened upon an article that caught my eye.  The picture of the bright, green liquid in the mason jar piqued my interest.  The claim that this emerald green concoction was a sort of detox and would help me “lose weight”  sealed the deal.  I had to try it!!

Now, at this time, smoothies were all the hype; I even played the “smoothie game” for a while.  After a few smoothie sessions, however, I felt that it was a lot of work and not as life-changing as I expected with all the fuss.  Besides, being dairy-free, I couldn’t partake in most of the recipes because they called for yogurt as a main ingredient.  Smoothies for breakfast, smoothies for lunch, post-run smoothies, blood sugar stabilizing smoothies?  Blah, blah, blah…  But a detox smoothie?!  YES Please!

My kids have nicknamed my current recipe as “Poo Juice“, because according to them, it “looks like poo” and it “makes you poo”.   Release the bowels!!  Okay, it’s not that fast, but when I say that it is a “detox” smoothie, believe me: It is a detox smoothie.  It will keep you regular. 🙂  Once a week, I whip up a batch; the following recipe will make a gallon and will last in the fridge for over a week:

You will need a blender, a cutting board, sharp knife, and an empty gallon container.  For the first six months making Poo Juice, I used a rinsed out Apple Juice gallon jug.  Oh yeah, and all these ingredients…..20150223_174055

First, fill your blender full of a leafy green vegetable.  I love using kale for the immense health benefits (low calorie but high fiber, high in iron, calcium, and Vitamins K and C),  but any type of leafy greens would work in a pinch: collard greens, spinach, mustard greens, beet greens, dandelion greens, etc.

Add a few chunks of fresh, peeled ginger to the blender.  How much you add will be based solely on your taste: I absolutely LOVE the spicy flavor, so I throw in quite a bit.  The health benefits of ginger are almost as immense as those of kale:  reduces inflammation, lessens exercise-related muscle pain, soothes upset tummies. (Time hack: buy fresh ginger in bulk, peel, and store in the freezer!  To use, microwave for a few seconds or thaw on the counter.)

Next, add a about a half a quart of lemon juice to the blender.  Fill to the halfway mark, the rest of the way, with water.  Lemon juice is a natural diuretic, helping to flush bacteria and toxins from the body, and is also one of the highest alkaline foods you can find (more about Alkalinity in a later post!).  In addition, I feel that the large amount of lemon juice helps preserve the Poo Juice for as long as it does. 20150223_174715

Blend.  Pulverize.  Liquefy:  Whatever the setting on your blender is that takes something solid and makes it a liquid.   Pour this mixture into your gallon container.

Next, fill the blender with semi-chopped zucchini.  I have found that 1 large zucchini equals 3 medium, which equals 6 small zucchini, and fits in the blender perfectly.  Size doesn’t matter here – whatever size, zucchinis are low calorie, and an excellent source of potassium.  (I have used cucumber, yellow squash, celery, and green peppers in a pinch, but prefer the taste and texture of blended zucchini over all.  Again, what you use doesn’t really matter, and is all about personal taste, but make sure the second blender full is all vegetables.)  Fill to the halfway mark with water.

20150223_175214Blend, and pour the liquid into your gallon container, on top of the kale mixture.

The third and final blender is your sweet stuff: fruit!   Only fill the blender about half of the way with your fruit, any more and you won’t be able to fit it all in the gallon container.  I used to use one apple, one pear and a couple chunks of pineapple.  Call it laziness, but the quicker I can be DONE with something, the better, so I cut out the apple and pear, and now only use pineapple.  A nice, ripe pineapple adds wonderful flavor and adds an overabundance of health benefits (Vitamins A, C, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, the list goes on and on).   Fill it about a 1/4 way with water.

Blend, and pour the liquid into your gallon container.  (If you have any room left at the top of your container, fill the rest with water)

Voila!  Poo Juice!  Tighten the lid on your container and give it a good shake.  Again, this container will last all week!  I pour myself a glass first thing in the morning, and any time -er- digestive issues rear their ugly head.  If I have been eating badly, or drinking excessively (what?!), a nice tall glass of Poo Juice seems just the trick!

I hope you enjoy and look forward to reading your comments and variations!


Poo Juice

8 cups of kale, leaves and stems included
1/2 qt lemon juice
4 1-inch chunks of fresh, peeled ginger
1 large zucchini, roughly chopped
1/2 of a medium pineapple, peeled and chunked
4 cups of water (approximately)

1.) Blend kale, lemon juice ginger, and approximately 1 cups of water until smooth.  Pour into gallon container.

2.) Blend zucchini and approximately 2 cups of water until smooth.  Pour into gallon container.

3.) Blend pineapple and approximately 1 cup of water until smooth.  Pout into gallon container.

4.) Top any remaining room in gallon container with water, replace lid and shake vigorously.

5.) Refrigerate until cool.  Enjoy either directly out of the container, or diluted with water.

** I am not a health care professional or nutritionist, nor do I claim to have the complete nutritional profile of each of the ingredients listed.  I do substantial research of foods and spices, for personal knowledge.  I use my research to assist in meal planning, for my family only.  I am sharing what works for me.  Please check with a health care professional prior to starting any sort of a diet/detox plan. **

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