A Home Bar With a Conscience

When my husband and I constructed a home bar in our finished basement, we thought we were creating a place of occasional relaxation and adult escape.  We didn't realize that we were installing a conscience as well. Workout completed, dinner finished, lunches packed, basketball practice done, homework complied with, nighttime stories read, the kids tucked into bed, kitchen …

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The Valentine’s Day Roller Coaster

I hope everyone had a splendid Valentine's Day with their sweetie.  Or themselves, if you are lacking in the "sweetie" department. Whatever.  V-Day in the Hoover Household was business as usual for the most part, however, my day could be described as nothing short of a roller coaster ride! The Loop-the-loops and Peaks: In (my) big news.... The Stealing Drawer was republished on Sammiches and …

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I have been feeling pretty darn good about myself lately.  A friend and I had recently attended an Embrace premier: a documentary about women and their struggle with body image placed on them by media and obscure societal views.  The message delivered was immense: transform your mindset from trying to achieve the 'perfect body' to embracing the one …

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Do/Don’t Do Instructions to the Kids

Last April, my husband and I took a way overdue 'Adult Mini-Vaca' to the Dominican Republic with several other couples.  Our 18 year old daughter offered to stay with the 9 and 4 year olds during our 5-day trip.  Even though my oldest sometimes lacks in the common sense department, by this time Alaina had been living in her …

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Back to the Ballgame

James, my nine-year old word master, strikes again. About to leave for his 9:00am park district baseball game this morning, James questions our mode of transportation: "Mom, are we taking your car or the Delorean?" "Considering we don't own a Delorean, James, but a Durango," I replied, " we will probably just take my car."