Let It Breathe…

Perusing the local Flea Market a couple of weekends ago, I came across an unusual wine decanter.  Excited by my find, I exclaimed boisterously to the salesclerk at check out, “I can’t wait to get this home and try it out!”  He gave me a peculiar sort of look, his lips curled up in a sneer.  Perhaps he didn’t share my adoration of the art of uncorking, decanting, and allowing a red wine to breathe before tipping the liquid slowly into a long-stemmed wine glass to enjoy?  No bother; he looked like a Natural Light type of fellow anyway.

I transported my new treasure home and placed it ceremoniously on the buffet in the main room.  Throughout the week, I found myself sneaking admiring glances at the flawless glass, eye-pleasing craftsmanship, and perfect curvature of the handle melded to the bottle.

Curious at the possible worth of my new treasure, I began scouring the Internet for equivalents to liken its value.  I eventually located my new-fangled wine decanter, albeit a bit disgusted at what I had uncovered.  My new “wine decanter” wasn’t a decanter at all, but a vintage glass urine bottle!


2 thoughts on “Let It Breathe…

  1. Anonymous

    I read this post during class while students were taking an exam…imagine how hard it was to contain my chuckles when I scrolled down to the picture, because I new EXACTLY what that bottle was. (It will come in handy on long car trips with the young boy child).

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