I have been feeling pretty darn good about myself lately.  A friend and I had recently attended an Embrace premier: a documentary about women and their struggle with body image placed on them by media and obscure societal views.  The message delivered was immense: transform your mindset from trying to achieve the ‘perfect body’ to embracing the one you have.  It was empowering, and a sentiment that more women should take to heart.   Instead of trying to cover up imperfections and erase “flaws”, be proud of them.  Okay!  I can get down with this….

Last night, as I was tucking MacKenzie into bed, however, she asked me what “those squiggly lines were” under my eyes.  After checking the mirror for a possible make-up faux pas, I realized that Kenz was talking about wrinkles.  My wrinkles.

“Well,” I started to explain to my five-year old, “the older a person gets, the thinner their skin gets.  When a person smiles, it makes little lines in their face. Mommy has been smiling for over 38 years!  All of my “squiggly lines” are because I smile so much because I love you and how happy you make me.”

Well,” MacKenzie mimicked, “do you think you can stop smiling so much?  Your wrinkles scare me.”

Sure thing, you little shit.

No one in the world can kick the teeth out of your self-esteem, quicker than a five year old.

–> Embrace Documentary Trailer (a must see!!)


7 thoughts on “Wrinkles

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  2. All of my “squiggly lines” are because I smile so much because I love you and how happy you make me.” <<<< See, I would have been like (from the start) "Welllll….when I was younger- before I had YOU…" 😉 And yes, "you little shit" is right! (I have 4 of my own little shits, for what it's worth. I feel you.)

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