Back to the Ballgame

James, my nine-year old word master, strikes again. About to leave for his 9:00am park district baseball game this morning, James questions our mode of transportation: "Mom, are we taking your car or the Delorean?" "Considering we don't own a Delorean, James, but a Durango," I replied, " we will probably just take my car."

The Stealing Drawer

I love my kids.  But there is no one in the world who will test my patience or make me question my sanity more than one of them.  Well, maybe my husband, but I’ll save that for another post. Over a year ago, my eldest took flight and moved out of the house to attend college …

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Alaina is Sausage!

Today was my oldest daughter's last day of high school.  Ever.  <sniff> Wanting to make a lasting impression on the rest of her senior class, Alaina decided to get dressed up this morning before school.  She looked stunning; wearing an adorable white sundress she had (tastefully) applied make-up and had curled her hair. I couldn't help but …

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It was Easter time, two years ago in the Land of Guam, when I happened upon her.  She was beautiful; her pink and white fur gleamed, and her two black eyes were like bits of polished onyx under the fluorescent lighting.  Her shirt bore the embroidered message “hug me”.  Awwww. She was the most aesthetically …

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