My Two-Year Old is a Bully

Deleting my excessively huge ‘sent’ email folder this morning, I came across a story that I sent out to my family last year. Here is an oldie, but a goodie!

Friday, January 31st, 2014…..

As you all know, I recently had surgery to have an umbilical hernia repaired. My stomach hasn’t been the prettiest thing to look at, I admit: varying shades of green, blue, and purple with a menacing “frowny face where the doctor made the incision. Over the past couple of weeks, Kenzie has been the most curious of my spectacle, often times asking if she can “see my bew-wey”, and gasping in disgust after I show her.

So the other day, after apparently searching for the perfect weapon to damage my already degraded self-esteem, Kenz comes toddling up with a book in her hand, and an innocent look on her face. After carefully opening the board book to the predetermined page, her innocent look changed to one of wide, wild eyes, and what can be explained as nothing short of malice. Seriously, at that moment, she looked as if she could have been a co-star on the movie “Chucky”. She shows me the page. The book is the “Belly Button Book”, featuring a family of hippos playing on the beach in half-shirts, belly buttons exposed.

“MacKenzie,” I ask. “Are you making fun of my belly button?”

With the same crazed look in her eyes and a menacing smirk on her face, she slowly nods her head up and down. She then emits a wicked cackle, turns on her heel, and sprints off to her room, snickering the whole way.

My two year old is a bully.

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