Life, Through the Eyes of a Six Year Old

Anyone who lives with a 6-year old knows that life can be very… entertaining.

Every day, I happen upon the strangest things.  Sometimes I can put two and two together and figure out Mackenzie’s thought processes.  Other times, these discoveries take a little explanation.

The following photos and phrases were captured in the span of a week.

1.) I was slightly baffled by this one.  A car, two Secret Life of Pets characters, some sort of a robot and Skye from Paw patrol, lined up in the bathroom with Q-tips in front of each.  What was the significance of the Q-tips?  A starting line?  “No Mom,” Kenzie explained.  “They are in a weight lifting contest.”


2.) While we’re at it, let’s discuss why in the hell there is a beach ball  in my shower??  No comment from the young one.  Just a shoulder shrug and a look that says, “doesn’t everyone play with beach balls in the shower?”


3.) There is a white board in my office that Mackenzie and I will write little notes back and forth to each other on.  Quick little quips to put a smile on my youngest child’s face, or, if we are feeling affectionate, a phrase of endearment.  Apparently, my daughter loves me more than sharks.  I’m still reeling on this one.  Sharks?


4.) Dining at the table out on the deck wasn’t good enough.  Mackenzie decided create and move her picnic underneath the table for paramount ambiance.


5.) Oh, no big deal.  Just an entire roll of race car road tape, that was purchased as a gift for one of her friend’s birthday, strategically placed on Mackenzie’s floor one morning.


6.) Another one of those things you come across and go “hmm?”.  An empty vitamin bottle filled with a one-legged, naked Polly Pocket, a broken orange crayon, a bouncy ball, a bead from a necklace, a shekel that her dad had brought home from Israel, and the whole thing topped off with water.  By the time that I found this concoction, Polly’s face had turned as bright orange as an Oompa Lumpa from Willy Wonka’s factory. The water was putrid, the whole thing absolutely disgusting.  Kenzie refused to let me toss out her masterpiece, though, stating it was her favorite snow globe yet.


7.) And last, but not least…. My daughter has a thing for cats.  I get it.  Cats on her shirts, cats on her jammies, Pink Meow, Pink Meow 2, cat figurines, a cat piano, and more stuffed cats in her room than I have pairs of running shoes (and that is a LOT). But this cat mask?  My daughter wears this mask, not to pretend that she is a cat, but to scare the living shit out of me.  Seriously, this mask is creepy AF!!  Imagine coming around the corner and running into that monstrosity!


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