Alaina is Sausage!

Today was my oldest daughter’s last day of high school.  Ever.  <sniff>

Wanting to make a lasting impression on the rest of her senior class, Alaina decided to get dressed up this morning before school.  She looked stunning; wearing an adorable white sundress she had (tastefully) applied make-up and had curled her hair.

I couldn’t help but snigger, though.  Is one day wearing a sundress going to completely wipe the memory of the other four years of high school where she showed up in her very large boyfriend’s sweatpants, mustard-stained t-shirt, and hair that could double as a home for Ratatouille and the rest of his kin?  Maybe so.  Whatever.  She did look cute!

James and Kenzie were already at the counter, patiently awaiting their breakfast this morning when Alaina came upstairs.  Meaning to be complimentary, I gave Alaina a little whistle and said, “Alaina looks saucy!”

James, King of Interpretation, cocks his head to the side and asks, “Alaina is sausage?”


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