Mouse Pie

After watching James get awarded his red/brown belt tonight, signifying the start of his third phase in karate, my husband and I thought it only fitting to run through the local ice cream drive thru for a treat.

James’ reading skills are greatly improving.  Tired of waiting for me to read the Harry Potter series with him nightly, he secretly read ahead.  Impressive for a 3rd grader; disappointing to me because I was actually getting into the stories.

Pulling in front of the brightly colored screen, I began reading off the Blizzard flavors but was quickly interrupted by Jameson.  Apparently he had already skimmed the menu and found what he was looking for.

“I’ll have the Grasshopper Mouse Pie Blizzard please,” exclaimed Jameson.

My little buddy strikes again.   The family got quite the chuckle, and I got another Jameson-ism to add to the lot.


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