Spill the Tea

This morning, I decided to make myself a cup of tea. I always keep this delicious Gunpowder Green Jasmine on hand. It’s glorious. The pea-sized BBs unfurl into full-sized tea leaves at the bottom of your mug, delicately infusing the water with soft notes of jasmine. Doesn’t that just sound like a hug in a mug?!

So, same as always – I throw in five BBs (air, water, fire, earth and spirit), top with boiling water from my kettle, and bring my mug to my desk.

I quickly became engrossed in my work. In between contractual language edits, project meetings, and phone calls with my staff, I slurped my tea. And since my meetings ran back to back, I quickly topped off my mug with hot water a second and third time.

When the morning rush slowed down and I had a few minutes to breathe, I took my mug into the kitchen to rinse it out and found… no tea leaves.

All morning, I hadn’t realized that my tea was missing… tea.

If you are wondering how my day has been going…

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