Glamping Only

Have you ever been camping?

Today’s ‘Daily Prompt’ brought a smile to my face reminiscing, so I thought I would share…

I have a strong suspicion my family lineage has more than a few gypsies sprinkled throughout. ‘Roughing’ it, cooking outdoors, and spinning tales around a blazing fire well into the night comes natural to so many of us. For as long as I can remember, on the weekends spent with my Dad, we were camping.

When I was younger, I remember our family throwing tents out near the river. I’m talking, zero electricity, zero bathrooms, zero running water (other than the river). Over the years, my dad’s brother, sister, cousin and their families, as well as my Grandma and Grandpa, would reserve spots together at the local campground. We would form a giant half circle with the pop-up campers and tents, have a designated mosquito tent for food, and one central fire pit that all of the families would chip in to cook meals over.

I’ve got so many great memories of camping – hanging with my cousins, delicious food over the campfire, the laughs. Oh, the laughs. I learned how to clean fish and play horseshoes and build a fire right the first time. I put cumulative years on my bike, riding round and around the campground. I met new friends. I learned some great lessons in being a helpful but cautious co-camper. I grew up with dirt on my face, the sunshine in my hair, and a love for all things outdoors.

Unfortunately, the older I got, the good memories of camping were overshadowed by the not so fun memories: waking up in a puddle of water where my tent leaked in the overnight thunderstorm. The bugs. The ticks. Oh, the ticks. No shower for days. No toilet. Unrelenting heat. Creepy ass next door neighbors.

I tried giving my children the same type of camping experiences that I remembered as a child. I really did. As an adult, however, I really enjoy not sleeping on the ground. And daily showers – I kind of like those. And running water. And not having to use the bathroom next to a tree or in an outhouse. And climate control when I sleep. And a door that locks.

Nowadays, if I am camping, it will only be in our RV.


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