100 Days Alcohol Free!


In celebration of my “100 Days Alcohol Free” milestone, I wanted to share 100 reasons why I am happy to be sober. The list is long, it is personal, and it is eye-opening. So without further adieu…

  1. My anxiety has almost all but disappeared.
  2. I am sleeping at night.
  3. At a conservative estimate of $10 saved per day, I have now saved $1000.00 by not drinking alcohol.
  4. At an equally conservative estimate of 4 hours saved per day, I have gained back 400 hours (or about 17 days) of not being drunk or hungover. 
  5. I haven’t drunk-texted anyone in the wee hours of the night.
  6. I haven’t had to wake up and realize that I drunk-texted someone the night before.
  7. I haven’t Wonder Woman-jumped off the deck and broken my foot.
  8. I haven’t taken the stairs on my ass.
  9. I find myself smiling more. 
  10. I’m able to jump in my sweet ass car anytime I want, without fear of driving impaired.
  11. Now that I am not guzzling massive amounts of red wine, my teeth are dazzling white.
  12. I haven’t lost pieces of time.
  13. My face looks more dewy. 
  14. I have been present for my kids.
  15. I no longer “live for the weekends”, which literally meant drowning myself in a bottle of whatever fit the bill.
  16. I still look forward to the weekends, just for different reasons.
  17. I’ve had honest conversations with my dad about our generational alcoholism. 
  18. The stories about my family passing around a bottle of whiskey and betting how many cases of beer would be consumed at one sitting don’t seem so amusing anymore. 
  19. I have lost “friends” because they don’t support my journey.
  20. I have strengthened bonds with current friends that are cheering on my journey.
  21. I have gained new friends who are on the same journey.  
  22. The wrinkles and lines in my face aren’t as prominent. 
  23. I’ve learned that I married my drinking buddy and we have very little in common, other than alcohol.
  24. I’ve been given the opportunity to get to know a whole other side of a creative, dedicated, and talented man that just happens to be my husband.
  25. I have been told that I’m an inspiration to others who are also flirting with sobriety.
  26. I no longer have alcohol-related night sweats.
  27. I have more patience with my kids.
  28. I haven’t unknowingly polished off a bag of chips in a drunken stupor.  (Those chip fests have been 100% intentional, lol.)
  29. My self-confidence is coming back.
  30. I’ve noticed that I’m now able to look people in the eye when I talk to them.
  31. My face is no longer constantly flushed. 
  32. I have replaced old habits (pouring a glass of wine) with new habits (pouring a cup of tea) and it has an equally calming effect.
  33. I work out because I want to, not because I feel that I have to.
  34. One-on-one time with my kids is more memorable. 
  35. I’m not chugging thousands of empty calories a week. 
  36. I’m not eating thousands of extra calories a week in the name of drunk munchies or hangover cures.
  37. I remember the TikTok dances that my daughter teaches me.
  38. I haven’t woken up next to a stranger.
  39. I haven’t embarrassed myself or my family due to my drunk actions.
  40. I’ve been able to throw out a few more witty comebacks, a.k.a., zingers, lately.  Watch out world!
  41. I remember every movie, TV show, and book that I indulge in.
  42. I am able to deal with stressful situations a little easier.
  43. Every package that shows up at my door was due to an intentional, sober purchase.
  44. I’ve been writing.  A lot.  🙂
  45. My not drinking has led to Marty not drinking, which has led to him picking up a guitar, which has led to my daughter picking up a guitar, which has transitioned our home into a pretty magical, musical place.
  46. My son seems more receptive to our conversations. 
  47. I’ve had the opportunity to appreciate so many more sunrises because I’m up early enough to see them.
  48. I have mastered the recipe for Aztec Hot Maca-Cacao…. and it is good.
  49. I have had some intense cravings for alcohol… and have powered through them.
  50. I’ve had some intense feelings of sadness… and have powered through them.
  51. I haven’t had one hangover.
  52. I’ve stumbled onto some pretty amazing non-alcoholic beers and spirits.
  53. I’ve realized that I can have fun without alcohol.
  54. I went camping, sans alcohol, and enjoyed it way more than when I was drinking.
  55. I genuinely feel gratitude, every single day.
  56. I haven’t blacked out once.
  57. I feel like a better roll model for my kids, teaching them a valuable lesson in identifying and not falling prey to addictive substances. 
  58. I am also showing my kids that they are strong enough to handle anything, if they put their minds to it. 
  59. My kids are proud of me. 
  60. I am able to give briefings at work without stumbling over my words.
  61. I’ve gone to bed every night knowing that my kids were tucked in safe and sound.
  62. I haven’t been slipped a Roofie.
  63. My oldest daughter has started questioning her own relationship with alcohol because of my efforts. 
  64. One of my best friends hasn’t had to find me unconscious and puking on myself in the men’s bathroom of the bar where he works.
  65. I am now an active member in my son’s car pool.
  66. I no longer resent having to stay sober in order to participate in my son’s car pool.
  67. I remember plans and details a lot easier.
  68. My immune system feels stronger. 
  69. No one has stepped on broken glass.
  70. My allergies are manageable. 
  71. My son looks at me with much more respect than before.
  72. I’ve learned to cope with cups of tea, long runs, or hot baths, other than wine.
  73. I’ve had to cancel trips that don’t support my alcohol-free lifestyle, and that is okay.
  74. I’ve taken up yoga.
  75. My PMS symptoms are diminishing.
  76. My negative internal dialogue isn’t as prominent.
  77. There have been no Drink and Dye episodes.
  78. I haven’t face-planted in the middle of the road in front of our local police.
  79. I haven’t tried to “swim to Cuba”.
  80. I haven’t told one person that I hated them. 
  81. I haven’t once thought about cheating on my husband. 
  82. We bought a telescope and I have taken up stargazing.
  83. I haven’t called in “sick” to work.
  84. I haven’t cancelled on any of my friends because I was too hungover to hang out.
  85. My youngest daughter is so proud of my accomplishment, she is planning a “100” party for me.  ❤
  86. I am thinking rationally, and haven’t put myself in unsafe situations with unsafe people.
  87. I haven’t been sexually assaulted. 
  88. I haven’t had to try and recall the previous night’s events. 
  89. I haven’t berated myself for my actions. 
  90. I’ve had to unpack some seriously uncomfortable memories and thoughts.
  91. Although scary, I feel ready to deal with those seriously uncomfortable memories and thoughts.
  92. I’ve been on the receiving end of a drunk text and realized how utterly embarrassing it is for the sender.
  93. I haven’t tried to fight or wrestle with anyone.
  94. I haven’t been knocked unconscious by a “friend” while wrestling.
  95. I no longer make plans around alcohol. 
  96. I haven’t had to clean pee or barf splatters off of my shoes.
  97. I’ve learned that I still have a lot of pent up anger that I need to deal with.
  98. I no longer feel controlled by alcohol.
  99. I am no longer scared of the finality of never drinking again. 
  100. I am so very proud of myself.

As you can tell, the benefits of my sobriety outweigh any potentially “fun”, “soothing”, or “celebratory” perceived times. Alcohol is not good for me. I have done some stupid shit, have had stupid shit done to me, and I have missed out on huge portions of a really great life, simply in the name of alcohol. I’m done. Alcohol doesn’t deserve another minute of my time or energy. This list only solidifies my decision to continue down my path to sobriety.

If you are #sobercurious, ever question your intake, or even think you have a healthy relationship with alcohol, I highly suggest writing down your own list of reasons. Whatever your milestone, it is a huge eye-opener.


3 thoughts on “100 Days Alcohol Free!

  1. This is awesome!! Way to go and a big congratulations on your 100 days! It’s a HUGE accomplishment! I love how you’ve marked this day by writing down 100 reasons you’re glad you’re not drinking. I can relate to so many of those. It’s wonderful to hear how much it is impacting your kids. You never really think that they’re noticing or it’s affecting them, but kids notice everything. I also love how your mentioned that you married your drinking Buddy, which can be a tough realization to come to, but also that you’re getting to know this whole new side of him which is wonderful. Keep it up Cari! I loved this post and needed this today!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “I haven’t drunk-texted anyone in the wee hours of the night.” <— (!) Yeah, you haven't really lived until you've looked up your former classmate (from 2nd grade) at 4 a.m. to see if, by chance, he too is looking up his former (2nd grade) classmates, wondering how they turned out in life, right? Good times! I've always thought you & I were cut from the same cloth, as you remind me so much of myself (and vice versa). This post definitely confirms that we're virtual twins. I relate to sooo much here- practically every bullet point. I can't even begin to tell you how proud of you I am. People like us- that is to say, those of us who were predisposed to this beast inherently- don't often make it out of the web. When you can turn your life around to the degree that you have, you're more than an inspiration. You're a living, breathing miracle. I have no doubt that you're going to change many lives Cari. 😊 (And thanks again for your ever-strong support earlier. As usual, you were bang on & the antidote that I desperately needed. x.) p.s. Even when the subject matter is serious, whatever it may be, you're seriously funny as f***. Do you even know how funny you are?! Anywho, wanted to let you know that. 😉) Thx again! x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahhhhh!!! How am I JUST seeing this post? I need to reevaluate my WP notification settings!!

    I agree!! For a short while, I actually thought you were my estranged sister incognito, lol. Cool to think I have another sista’ from another narcissista’ out there. 😉

    I sooooo appreciate all your kind words and support. ♥️


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