Pee Pants

So, my husband and I are doing this Tough Mudder training program, right? Yesterday, the Week 7 / Day 3 scheduled workout was a 5 mile run followed by an ab workout. We decided to head up to our local park to do the run portion. It was hot. It was on the verge of …

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I have been feeling pretty darn good about myself lately.  A friend and I had recently attended an Embrace premier: a documentary about women and their struggle with body image placed on them by media and obscure societal views.  The message delivered was immense: transform your mindset from trying to achieve the 'perfect body' to embracing the one …

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Dear CLD, Fuck You.

I’m so proud of my friend for taking all the hurt / hate / anger caused by one piece-of-shit and releasing it onto paper, not herself. Now honey, breathe….

Even at Your Darkest

UntitledLOGO*How have I gone so long without knowing about the Fuck You letter? Warning, a gratuitous number of ‘fucks’ are contained within. But, blissfully, they are no longer contained in my brain.

Dear CLD,

Fuck you. Fuck you for not loving me. Fuck you for making me believe there was a good man under the oceans of booze and unrelenting depression. Fuck me for allowing you in my heart, for thinking and hoping the best in you.

Fuck you for rarely showing up to dinners with my friends or family and me having to make excuses for you because you ditched me at the last moment. Ditching me for the bar, or gambling, or a woman, whatever your choice was that day. Fuck me for not really hearing my loving friends ask, “What do you see in him?” when you were once again a no-show, until I was alone in…

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3-4-5 Quiz

I'm going to be completely honest.... I love taking quizzes.  I was recently reminded of this when Josh from My Friday Blog posted a Grown up Quiz, which I stepped right up and took in (wait for it...) Step Right Up and Take the Grown-Up Quiz!! When I happened upon Peckapalooza's Confusing Middle blog post I …

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