International Fruit Basket

List your top 5 favorite fruits.

There isn’t a fruit that I won’t eat. If I had to choose my top five, they would be…

  1. Apple – must be crunchy. No mealy, soft apples for this girl. I’m not picky about the variety; I will give just about any apple a whirl. Some of my favorites, though, include Gala, Honeycrisp, Pink Lady, and Liberty. On a recent trip to Jamaica, I fell in love with the Jamaican Apple, or Otaheite variety. The taste was mild, sweet, and flowery. Yumm!
  2. Pineapple – remove the absolute minimum of the rind and slice, core included. The absolute best pineapples I’ve ever tasted were the Maui Gold from Hawaii. I’ve even been so lucky as to bring home a case of pineapples when passing through Hawaii on a temporary duty (TDY).
  3. Dried Fig – I religiously eat three dried Turkish figs a day. Love, love LOVE them. I first discovered figs on a trip to, you guessed it, Turkey. Figs and pistachios are still a favorite mid-day snack.
  4. Watermelon – there is nothing more refreshing than a cold, juicy watermelon on a hot, summer day. During the summer months, you will always find a cut up watermelon in our fridge!
  5. Berries – I’m kind of cheating on this one, but I love all kinds of berries. If I had to break down my favorite type of berries, it would go something like blackberries, blueberries, then raspberries. Dried Gogi berries are fantastic. I use elderberries in my tea, tinctures, and syrups. Mulberries are pretty tasty. Strawberries are eh. Not my first draft pick, but I won’t turn a strawberry down. Gooseberry pie is my favorite.

Now, I know that a tomato is technically a fruit, but I refuse to acknowledge that. In my house, a tomato is a vegetable and will be treated as such. Otherwise, my top five might have looked a little different.



One thought on “International Fruit Basket

  1. Pineapple–I live a good, ripe one. It makes it worth the work of cutting one up. I just finished eating some last week.
    Ruby Red Grapefruit–Love a good, sweet one that doesn’t even require sugar. I used to peel them and and eat them like an orange. Alas, I do not anymore because of the acid content. The same with orange juice. 😞

    Macintosh Apple–It’s got to be tart and sweet and definitely crisp, with a mix of red and green skin on the outside.

    Mango–It’s great when I find a nice, ripe one.

    Strawberry–When the sweet aroma of the berries actually match the taste.

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