Missing Milestones

** Disclaimer – This post is a close version of my latest Flirting_With_Sobriety Instagram post. For any readers who follow both social media accounts, I apologize in advance for the repetition. **

I wanted to take a moment share an “ah-ha” that I’m starting to realize during my journey to sobriety: when we remove alcohol from the equation, we also remove barriers and roadblocks to our health and other successes.

Common sense thinking, right? For me, this wasn’t the case.

Take running, for example… running used to be what I did to make up for the hundreds (thousands) of empty calories consumed each week. It was also a way for me to burn off or compartmentalize anxious thoughts (caused by alcohol). More than anything, it was my penance. Regardless of the amount of alcohol consumed the night before, I seemed to set a four mile penance for myself the next day. Did I drink two glasses of wine the night before? Four miles should do the trick. Did I drink a bottle of wine the night before? Four miles the next day should take care of it.

Now that running is no longer a punishment, but part of a training program, I’m seeing my miles and overall satisfaction with my workouts increase dramatically. Don’t get me wrong – this Tough Mudder Training Program is no joke. Some days, participating in another mile or another fucking push-up feels like a chore. BUT, completing the daily workout is now an accomplishment, rather than a consequence of my actions.

I totally missed my 8-month sober milestone because I was concentrating on my Thursday 10 mile run, lol. It feels great to shift the mindset away from “how many days can I go without a drink”.


My kids are just as celebratory for my mileage milestones as they are my sobriety milestones. My daughter made me a 10 mile cookie to celebrate!

To others who are struggling, it does get easier. At some point, you’ll find something to latch onto, other than alcohol, and you will start to feel that mental shift. Maybe running isn’t your thing? Try meditation, yoga, nightly walks, weightlifting, painting, pottery throwing, underwater basket weaving. Whatever. Find your niche and latch on!

Not to say that I’m not still working on the mind fuck of running. Some miles suck so fucking bad that I have to stop and stretch and talk myself into running again. ‘Cause I am and I do. It’s all part of journey, right?

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