Now I’ve gone and done it. I’ve jinxed my hens. After introducing our girls, doesn’t it gosh-darn figure that once I write about them in detail, they start getting picked off, one by one? Granted, we have lost five hens over the past three years to predators (six if you count the teenagers that chicken-napped … More Jinxed

Mouse Pie

After watching James get awarded his red/brown belt tonight, signifying the start of his third phase in karate, my husband and I thought it only fitting to run through the local ice cream drive thru for a treat. James’ reading skills are greatly improving.  Tired of waiting for me to read the Harry Potter series … More Mouse Pie

Chicken Shit and Eggs

We started our chicken adventure in the spring of 2013. We bought six chicks, each member of the family picking out and naming their own. My husband and I tried reasoning with Alaina, the oldest. The scrawny little chick she picked out probably wouldn’t even make the truck ride home, we tried telling her.  It … More Chicken Shit and Eggs