Recently my husband and I (for the umpteenth time) began discussing our “plan” for getting healthy.  We decided that we have both become a little lazy in our approach over the winter months. For the most part, we eat fairly healthy: breakfast every morning, whole grains over white bread/pasta, few processed foods (damn you Cheeze-Its and … More Advo-Wat?!

Move-In Date

Last family photo op for a while; we just moved our oldest into her freshman college dorm room, four hours away. It was a successful day, although not without its fair share of Jameson-isms, tears, and a roller coaster of emotions. Actually, less like a roller coaster, more like a minefield. More on that at … More Move-In Date

Funky Writing

I’ve been in a bit of a writing funk lately.  The thing is, unlike most writing funks, I know exactly why I can’t produce.  Some members of my husband’s family are currently dealing with some pretty scary shit, which is drudging up a lot of painful memories of my own.  This is as far as I … More Funky Writing