What I Read On WP & Why, Part 5…WP Strikes Back!

For only beginning my blogging adventure a few short months ago, it came as a real surprise to be mentioned in Josh’s “What I Read On WP & Why” string. I have started following a lot of great bloggers due to Josh’s suggestions. To be held in those same regards is nothing short of moving. Check out ‘My Friday Blog’… you won’t be disappointed!!

My Friday Blog

Hello dear reader(s)!

So I do apologize for my lateness.  Things have been going on in the House o’ Josh and Hannah that have taken my attention and focus as well as my desire to do anything involving the use of my brain or actual work.  As I am feeling just a tiny bit better today (knock on wood, or some other superstitious action), I have decided it was once again time to revisit an old friend.  That old friend is the What I Read On WP & Why Series™ (Just kidding, I really haven’t Trademarked it).  Anyway, I think you’ll find this edition particularly enjoyable as the action takes place on an ice planet (because it is freaking cold here!) and our heroes are fighting for the very survival of their blogs against the forces of the WP Empire.  (Okay, not like WP is attacking their blogs or…

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