Repurposed Grass Clippings


A couple of months ago, a coworker told me about an ingenious way he used grass clippings from his freshly mowed yard: in the chicken coop!

This afternoon was our first mow of the season.  After mowing, sweeping the yard,  and pulling weeds around the front walk,  instead of dumping the clippings into an ugly, slowly decomposing pile in the corner of the yard, we threw it to the chickens. They loved it!

They frolicked around like little kids jumping in a pile of leaves in the fall.  They scratched to their little hearts’ content, pulling bugs and prize weeds out of the heap.

We haven’t been able to let the girls range in a couple of weeks now.  Just when we think that sneaky fox has left, another hen gets snatched right out from under our noses. We are down to ten hens now.  It saddens me to keep them in their “play yard” all the time, but it I would rather do that than lose another one of the girls. 

So, since we had to pull the girls off the range, this is a small way we can bring the range back to them.  Not to mention, it is a hell of an easy way to get rid of those grass clippings!

6 thoughts on “Repurposed Grass Clippings

    1. My princesses turn their beaks up at Brussels stalks, pineapple tops, and anything that touched an onion, lol. I did throw some cabbage leaves in just this morning from last night’s dinner! During the winter months, I like to hang up a cabbage in their coop for them to peck around at. They love it! Thanks for reading!


    1. I wish it was that easy. We wait until the grass is knee-deep to a grasshopper before we cut it. (That is a saying per my Old Man, meaning pretty fucking deep). Makes for a lot of clippings!


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