It Has Arrived!

I am flipping ecstatic right now!  Guess what showed up in the mail today?  Huh?!  Huh?!  No guesses?!  My SCOBY! What in the hell is a SCOBY, you ask?  SCOBY stands for Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast, and can also be known as a "mother" or "mushroom".  Don't be confused; this is no fungi, but a …

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Black Seed Oil: Cures Everything but Death

This is too great of a post not to share! Lemon juice, ginger, and milk thistle are must-haves in my daily regimen. While I haven’t yet tried black seed oil, the little research that I have done this morning suggests that this is a powerful immune boost and overall wonderful addition to any diet. Also, it appears that a teaspoon of local honey to your diet daily, enhances the healing properties even more!

m o n o c h r o m e j u n k i e †

There are 6 things I take, religiously, every day of my life:

Lemon Juice
Milk Thistle
Evening Primrose Oil

and the mother of all oils: Black Seed Oil

Evening Primrose Oil is known to be an estrogenic oil which levels out estrogen levels and helps to maintain one’s overall mood. It’s also a great, natural source of GLA- gamma lenolenic acid- an essential oil that the body isn’t able to produce (or produce well) on its own, but it’s a key ingredient that our bodies need as well as acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory. Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) isn’t just for women though; it’s good for men too. It promotes shiny hair, strong nails and helps keep skin elastic and firm. Milk Thistle is my go to herbal detox cleanser. In fact, it’s the most powerful all natural liver cleanser in the world. I can’t express enough…

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