The Love Gift

I hadn’t intended on making “love gifts” for my children this year; I think someone else had a hand in that.  The love gift was always a special “tradition” solely shared between my mother and grandfather, before he passed away…. The tradition of the love gift began between my father and myself one Christmas many years ago, when my … More The Love Gift

My Trending Stories

I have recently accepted a position of ‘Contributing Writer’ on an up-and coming New York based blog, My Trending Stories. Never fear, my loyal readers… my dedication to viCARIously Speaking, and you, comes first.  Until financial compensation is discussed, I will continue to post all original content here, first.  My Trending Stories is simply a … More My Trending Stories

Dear CLD, Fuck You.

Originally posted on Even at Your Darkest:
*How have I gone so long without knowing about the Fuck You letter? Warning, a gratuitous number of ‘fucks’ are contained within. But, blissfully, they are no longer contained in my brain. Dear CLD, Fuck you. Fuck you for not loving me. Fuck you for making me believe…

What it Means to Be Human – By Alaina

For her senior Advancement Placement Literature and Composition class final project, my incredibly talented daughter submitted the above video.  The assignment: without words, describe what it means to be human, what is literature, and how these two tie together. In my opinion, the above video needs no explanation.  It is beautifully composed and brings tears to my … More What it Means to Be Human – By Alaina

Fire and Desire

** I have been attempting to persuade my incredibly talented friend to set up a blog for some time now.  He is an amazing poet – his pieces are expressive and thought-provoking and deserve to be read/heard.  He made me a deal… If I were to post one of his poems on my blog and he received ‘any … More Fire and Desire