I’ve been Advo-Free for exactly one week now, and let me tell you…. I feel great! My husband created a pretty intense dumbbell-only, full-body, four-day-a-week workout plan.  Each day consists of four to six exercises, three sets of reps each, with alternating sit-ups, jumping jacks, planks, and a run on the treadmill between each exercise.  Total … More Advo-Frreeeeeeee!

I am an Advo-Failure

AdvoCare – Day 2 … 8:30 last night and I was still wired.  I made the command decision to forgo my last bedtime supplement. Still…  I didn’t sleep last night.  Not going to blame that on AdvoCare just yet, though, since my sleep schedule seems to be a bit screwed up again.  The hubby and … More I am an Advo-Failure


Recently my husband and I (for the umpteenth time) began discussing our “plan” for getting healthy.  We decided that we have both become a little lazy in our approach over the winter months. For the most part, we eat fairly healthy: breakfast every morning, whole grains over white bread/pasta, few processed foods (damn you Cheeze-Its and … More Advo-Wat?!