Down the Drain

Another loser in the eyes of Prime Magazine, but a submission that I wanted to share with you, my dear readers.  A bit dated, I know, but April’s theme was “a shower”. Instead of going the ‘April Showers’, rainbows, and butterflies route, I decided to lean into the darker side of what came to mind with the prompt.

Once again, Prime Magazine puts on a free monthly writing contest.  I urge any of you writers out there to give it a try.  The story must be exactly 53 words, not including the title.  The 53-word requirement is challenging, but a fun way to try and drill down your thoughts.

Down the Drain

“Stay with me!” he screamed, carrying his teenage daughter’s lifeless body into the bathroom.  It was an attempt he had seen only in the movies, but he felt helpless awaiting the paramedics’ arrival.  Turning the shower knob full on, he prayed the icy water would shock his first-born out of her heroin-induced coma.

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