The Postcard Home

Writing Maps holds a monthly themed writing contest, where two winning entries will be published in The A3 Review, a fold-out literary magazine published bi-annually.  Entry is $5 and a specific 150-word count requirement (once again, the title does not add to the word count).   There is no restriction on theme – they encourage prose, poems, graphic stories and hybrid forms.  The only restriction is that the piece of work must fit into an A6 panel.

Once again, a non-winning entry for me, but more importantly – I had fun!

February’s theme was ‘POSTCARDS’.


The Postcard Home

Her enlistment contract was up in two months.  The England temporary duty assignment would be the last deployment away from her husband and kids.

As a new recruit, she relished enveloping herself in the different cultures her military adventures provided.  Now, sitting in her barracks, the thought of sightseeing without her family made her feel guilty and miserable.

Reluctantly, she allowed her sergeant to persuade her into a day-trip to London.  Buckingham Palace, Westminster, and Big Ben were breathtaking.  She longed to share her experiences and ducked into a small souvenir shop to purchase trinkets to bring home, a postcard and postage.  Lovingly, she scribbled “wish you were here” and addressed the postcard home.

Picturing the smile on her little boy’s face, she dropped the postcard in the post box and stepped off the curb.  She didn’t see the double decker bus careening towards her until it was too late.

6 thoughts on “The Postcard Home

  1. I have tried a few contests and guess what: Never published! I am following the ones that are published and they are all so sweet and positive. Mine was macabre and of course not published.
    Life is not sweet and many of the sweet posts are rather cheesy…
    I am not changing my way.
    You write a lot better than me. Do not give up, I love this piece.

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    1. Aww, thank you for the sweet comment Elisabeth! And I agree – most of life is totally not sweet and you should never think of changing your way. Writing is our personal expression. Why change it to fit into someone else’s mold? It’s like being someone who you are not, just for the sake of fitting in. Blah.
      Can I let you in on a little secret? I have a lot of anxious thoughts. They are not all bad – I am sure my what-ifs and could-haves have kept me and my children out of some dangerous situations though. I used to let these thoughts consume me, though. Now, I put them down on paper. And boy, oh boy, do they produce some interesting twists sometimes (like getting hit by a bus after dropping off a postcard)! Keep plugging away. & I will let you know if I run across any contests that are… let’s say, not all sunshine and rainbows. Thanks again for reading/commenting!

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      1. I am an anxious person too. Actually the best psychotherapists and those who specialise in anxiety have a high level of anxiety. Foxman, Carbonell, Albert Ellis, David Burns,…
        Foxman writes that those with a high level of anxiety also have high levels of empathy and tend to be more intelligent. Anxiety can be used for good. It is the fight or flight reaction and has saved many people. Writing thoughts down can help to reduce some of the “over the top anxiety”, by using logical reasoning.
        But anxiety indeed drives creative people to keep on going. One of my friends, an artist makes anxiety boxes…he hides anxiety notes from the community in a perfectly sealed box that looks like a beautiful piece of art. I love that!
        Thanks for your kind response…we keep on going…

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  2. Sometime ago, I heard that a lot of Americans visiting England get hit crossing the streets because they look the wrong way, not remembering the English drive on the left side of the street.

    Nice story! By the way, I was raised in a small Central Illinois town. Good to see someone else from the same area.

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    1. I have never heard that about Americans getting hit crossing the road, but I wouldn’t be surprised!
      Thanks for reading/commenting my fellow Central Illinoisian!


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