The Postcard Home

Writing Maps holds a monthly themed writing contest, where two winning entries will be published in The A3 Review, a fold-out literary magazine published bi-annually.  Entry is $5 and a specific 150-word count requirement (once again, the title does not add to the word count).   There is no restriction on theme – they encourage prose, poems, … More The Postcard Home

By the Light of the Hunger Moon

I have been having a lot of fun lately entering various writing contests.  Some of my favorites are the exact word count challenges; specifically the free 53-word contest put on by Prime Number Magazine.  Being more of a descriptive (read: wordy) writer, the contest forces me to drill down my thought processes into a tangible, extremely short story.  A prompt … More By the Light of the Hunger Moon

32 Cups of Kraut

I sat at the kitchen counter and watched the whole thing unfold.  I nervously held my breath as he first tried the garbage disposal, then attempted to plunge the backed-up kitchen sink, to no avail.  The 10 liter fermentation crock sat empty on the counter in plain view, exposing my secret.  He was too distracted to put … More 32 Cups of Kraut