I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions.  What does throwing out the old calendar and hanging up the new have anything to do with me accomplishing something in life?  I have been known to start a new “diet”, workout schedule, or topic to learn on any random day of the week, or month of the year.

Except this year….. I want to run 500 miles in 2017.

It is more of a goal than a resolution, and it is going to be hard to do.  500 miles averages to a little over 9.6 miles a week, which doesn’t sound like a whole hell of a lot, but factor in weather, illnesses, injuries, kids, husband, family life, basketball practices and games, weeknight dinners, work, drill, vacations, hangovers (just kidding, ha, ha… ha… uh), and every other excuse in the book; I am going to really have to push myself.

So, I enlisted some help.  I created a closed Facebook group titled #500milesin2017, and already have a pocket full of friends and family members who have vowed to set a goal of 500 miles this year as well.  Some are runners, some are walkers, some a combination of the two.  Doesn’t matter.  A goal is a goal, and we are all going to need the encouragement to hit that 500 mile mark.  #500milesin2017 is based on personal accountability; everyone tracks their own miles completed.  More than anything, though, I created the group as a support system and a way to share occasional updates on miles ran or walked, pre/post-workout snack ideas, favorite running gear, etcetera.  Positive reinforcement only allowed!

The first moment I realized I was on to something better than just obtaining a personal goal happened this morning: I received a message from a friend saying that she got on the treadmill Monday to get a few miles in.  She stated that 2.5 was “all she could do”, but it was more than she has done in a very long time.  I am so very happy that our little Facebook group was able to push even one person that much closer towards their goal!

And so is born, another viCARIously Speaking category: #500milesin2017.  Motivating others has motivated me, so why not let that enthusiasm trickle into my blog and reach a bigger audience?  Don’t worry, dear readers, I am not going to inundate you with back to back to back workout and running posts.  Perhaps just highlights and things along the way that I have learned?  I am by far a novice runner, but am even farther from an expert in the matter as well.  I welcome you to follow along on my journey and encourage comments and feedback!

Happy running!


First subject –> Run Tracking Apps

I use MapMyRun to track miles accomplished.  Then, I use an app called Elite Running Log to input run specifics: distance, type of run, type of shoe, weather, how it felt, etcetera.  I love the interface and how my totals for the week, month, and year are displayed.  I also really like the fact that it tracks the amount run on each type of shoe, giving you an idea when it is time for a new pair.  I have a friend who uses Nike Plus to track all of that in one place.  I have another friend who is more “old-fashioned” and uses a tried and true notebook running log and hand-writes everything in.

What is your favorite way to track and log your miles accomplished? 

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