The Bloody Mary Trials

Anyone who knows me, understands my love of Bloody Marys.  I incorporate them into… well, just about any occasion that I can: Just completed a 12-day work week?  Bloody Marys!  Early dinner out at a restaurant?  Bloody Mary!  Overnight guests?  Bloody Mary Bar in the morning!  Easter Brunch?  Bloody Marys!  Shitty day at work?  Screw this day, guys, who is up for a Bloody!?

My love of Bloody Marys is definitely hereditary; my dad, mom, and sister all share my affection, though each differing in what our “perfect” Bloody Mary would be:

  • Dad turns his nose up at Mr. and Mrs. T’s Bloody Mary Mix and anything horseradish, is partial to Spicy V8, with extra salt and black pepper, extra light on the Vodka, garnished with a stalk of celery.  Period.  Anything else gets too busy for him.
  • Mom prefers the Mr. and Mrs. T’s Bloody Mary Mix, with horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, a little olive juice, a lime wedge, Vodka, garlic-stuffed olives, pickled green beans, shrimp and a salted rim.
  • My little sister loves more “treats” (as she calls them) than drink: olives, stalk of celery, pickles, spicy green beans, and shrimp.

Me?  My ideal Bloody, so far, is one I make at home:  my homemade canned tomato juice, a dash of Worcestershire sauce, a heavy spoonful of horseradish, a dash of pickle juice, a splash of A1, enough Vodka for a little kick, but not enough to overpower the tomato juice, and the more “snacks” littering the glass, the better: stalk of celery, garlic-stuffed olives, pickled asparagus, pepperoncinis, cubes of salami, dill pickles, mushrooms…. the list could go on and on.


I thought it would be a fun bloggy change of pace to turn my love of all things Bloody Mary, into a new category: The Bloody Mary Trials.

Without going completely out of my way (or my sobriety), I will sample Bloody Marys at numerous establishments, posting a picture and short explanation on my Instagram (@sixbemuse), and then here on viCARIously Speaking, using the hastag #bloodymarytrials.

Please feel free to follow me on my Bloody Mary Trials on Instagram, posting your own pictures and reviews.   You may even earn yourself a re-blog!  Happy sipping!

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