Recently my husband and I (for the umpteenth time) began discussing our “plan” for getting healthy.  We decided that we have both become a little lazy in our approach over the winter months.

For the most part, we eat fairly healthy: breakfast every morning, whole grains over white bread/pasta, few processed foods (damn you Cheeze-Its and Ruffles, my weaknesses), but veggies at every meal, and the crisper drawer is always stocked full of fruits to snack on.

We do, however, like to celebrate our most important holidays (Casmir Pulaski Day, Groundhog’s Day, etcetera) with the occasional glass of Chablis or pull from the keg.  And, despite our newly remodeled workout room, our exercise routines have taken a back-burner this winter.  (I don’t know which scares me more: running on a treadmill or running on the back country roads by my house at dusk.)

We came to the conclusion that it was time to start exercising a little more and drinking a little less.  Unfortunately, we needed a little “help” to get motivated.

Martin found some supplements online with some great reviews to help burn fat, provide snacking control and extra energy.  Problem?  They boosted testosterone levels, so they were out for me.

My friend ‘H’ started selling AdvoCare last year, and has for months attempted to get me on the bandwagon.  I have refused… until National Drink Wine Day, that is.

Over a couple of glasses of red this past National Drink Wine Day (February 18th for anyone who is counting), I began a dialogue via text regarding what kind of products could help me burn fat and give me snacking control and extra energy like Martin.  ‘H’ assured me that I didn’t need to do a full 24-day AdvoCare Challenge, that a 14-Day Challenge to give me a jump start to lose those pesky pounds I have been trying to ditch was all I needed.  $140 later (yikes!) I was emailed that I would soon be the proud owner of a bunch of Advo-products.  Okay!

February 19th, National Oh Shit What Did I Do On National Drink Wine Day, after apologizing to my husband for my (again) lack in cognitive ability, I sucked it up and decided to give the whole thing a whirl.  And, what better place to share my results, than on viCARIously Speaking?  I guess if anything, AdvoCare will get me writing again?

(Please note… my results with AdvoCare are not a direct reflection of my distributor.  She has actually been super supportive already.  No, my results are all on me.)

AdvoCare – Day # 1

I hate it.  I really, really do…

I have a schedule that I printed off of Pinterest:

Upon waking, take this.  Eat exactly 30 minutes later, and it must be this.  30 minutes before lunch, take this supplement.  At lunch, you must eat this and take these supplements.  30 minutes before a snack, take these supplements and mix these drinky-things into a glass of water.  Your snack, at exactly this time, will be this.  Dinner – this.  Bedtime, this supplement.

I am exhausted already by trying to follow what pills I am supposed to take when.  I have drained my cell phone battery researching what constitutes as a “complex carb” versus a vegetable.  Apparently, a cucumber is a complex carb?!

And I am hungry.  Probably because I am being told what I can eat, and when I can eat.  I don’t like to be told what to do.  So that sucks.  And I already cheated… I refuse to give up my daily Poo Juice (made with pineapple), and tonight is “movie night” with the kids and I know I will not be able to keep my hand out of the popcorn. But that is a healthy snack, right?

I am jittery.  My friend ‘H’ had given me a Spark to try several months ago to see if I would like it.  I thought my heart was going to beat out of my eardrums.  I looked like I had spent a sunny afternoon in the Mojave Desert sans sunscreen or shade.  So she ordered me ‘Slim’ instead.  Once again, I can hear my heartbeat.

I teleworked today, so my long walk to and from the parking lot and extra stairs during my day were nothing more than 10 steps to the bathroom several times, which might account for my extra energy I needed to expel?  An update after my husband and my dumbbell workout…

… Well, I sweat a lot more than I usual did.  And that eighth rep on the third set of dumbbell incline presses?  I cried.  Yep, I sure did.  I am a little dizzy on this concoction, and I don’t know if running on a treadmill or road inhibited by cars is a good idea right now.  Maybe after a few days to adjust?

I haven’t eaten dinner yet, nor taken my last supplement before bedtime, but I will keep plugging and give another update tomorrow.  I hope I can sleep…

3 thoughts on “Advo-Wat?!

  1. My sister has done this (is still doing this?) and I think, over the last couple of years, has lost about 50 pounds. Maybe more… I honestly don’t know. I’m really bad at paying attention when people talk to me. But just looking at her, I know there’s a remarkable difference. Best of luck with all of this. 🙂

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    1. Thanks! And good for your sister! So far, this is what I have gathered… You severely limit yourself on what you can eat and when you can eat it. You take these energy-drink-like “supplements” to cut cravings. My thought? Cutting out the processed foods and alcohol alone will drop pounds. We will see. Not doing too good today already, lol.


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