As the Phase Dock Turns, Chapter IV

Chapter I – Tommy

Chapter II – Cari

Chapter III – Clay

hello dolly

Chapter IV – Terry

Terry twisted the base of the black tube gently with his fingertips.  He lovingly followed the Berry Frost stick as it spiraled to its fully extended position.  He gently pressed the color onto his lips and carefully traced inside his lip line.  Finishing touches.  Terry took two steps back from the light-lined mirror and gazed fondly at his reflection.   A wide smile crept over his face.

“Damn I look good,” he said aloud.  It usually took Terry just under two hours to get completely in drag, but when he did…. man, wasn’t life grand?!  He had it all; everything from the blond Marilyn Monroe wig, color-matched to accentuate his expertly manicured blonde eyebrows, down to the perfectly fitted black stiletto heels.  Terry adored the way he looked and felt when dressed as a woman.  Where else in this world could a man with the measurements of the local gym junky be totally accepted and loved for not only his acting abilities but also his beautiful features?  Only on Broadway, he chuckled to himself.  If the guys in the Phase Dock ever found out about his secret pastime, however, it would be so over for him.  Terry would never hear the end of it.  Usually, his demeanor and muscular stature would be enough to thwart any mocking or ridiculing.  The guys finding out Terry wore women’s underwear, however…  It had been fairly easy evading the rest of the guys, but Clay was starting to get a little nosey.  Thankfully, tonight was the last production of Hello! Dolly and there wouldn’t be as much sneaking around… that is, until the next Broadway play.

It was hard enough getting a role in the Broadway production alone, but the leading role?  During the auditions, Terry had to strut his stuff to no end, but he had ended up impressing the hell out of the Production Manager.  Once he had found out that he had been selected for the leading role in Hello! Dolly, Terry spent every waking moment getting himself into character.  He lived and breathed Dolly Gallagher Levi: a conniving matchmaker who had been hired to arrange a marriage for the 1/2 millionaire Horace Vantergetke.  Dolly had other plans, however.  She, herself had been recently widowed and come to the conclusions that Horace and his fortune would make her the perfect mate…

… Another huge success!  The show went down perfectly.  After the final bow, Terry was cheered back onstage, complete with flowers and a standing ovation.  Almost high off the energy flowing through the room, he giggled his way past the flocking admirers, sprinting down the hall to his dressing room.  He playfully closed the door behind him, and like a school-girl clutched his breast (well, his Victoria’s Secret Miracle Bra) and let out a deep sigh.  God, how he loved Broadway!!  Terry twirled and twirled around the room, laughing and spinning until he was dizzy, and fell dramatically into his makeup chair.

A knock on the door.

“Come in,” Terry breathed in his best Dolly voice.  He spun around in his red velvet-lined chair so his back faced the door.  It wasn’t uncommon for Terry to have the occasional admirer; he secretly loved the attention.  Still, the Production Manager had made him promise to keep his identity a secret.  The old man had said that in doing so, Terry would have a more “mysterious aura”.  Terry knew the real reason why the PM wanted him to be unknown, and only go by ‘Terry’ on the promotion posters and opening credits.  It didn’t bother Terry all that much… it was a win-win for everyone involved, in his opinion.  Terry wasn’t quite ready for the world, most of all the Phase Dock, to learn his secret.  Not yet, anyway.

It was usually easy to motion for the newest admirer to ‘leave the flowers’ or to ‘take a pre-autographed picture off the table by the door’, then overly dramatize his need to be alone.  At first, Terry was a bit uneasy of the close interactions; if anyone had a close up view of the beautiful Dolly’s face, they would be sure to see his incessant five o’clock shadow.  With a little practice, however, Terry learned to steer clear or dismiss just about anyone.  Until tonight, that is.

“My darling, you were absolutely stunning in this evening’s performance,” exclaimed a familiar voice coming from the open door.  Terry froze in his chair.

“Your voice was so sweet and your moves so graceful,” continued his admirer moving further into the dressing room.  Terry could hear the giggling of women.  He carefully raised his eyes so that he could catch a glimpse through his makeup mirror.  Two overly made-up, big-breasted blondes were latched onto the arm of someone he couldn’t quite see….

“I would be much obliged if you would accompany us on a celebratory night on the town: drinks, dancing, a seat next to me amongst the most beautiful of people.  In honor of you, my sweet little bird.”

“Um, I don’t think so,” Terry pleaded.  “I’m very tired and need my rest.  Please excuse me.”  With that, Terry threw the back of his hand dramatically over his eyes and slumped further down in his makeup chair, avoiding the reflection in the mirror.

“I will not take no for an answer,” the voice exclaimed, moving even further into the room.  A hand grasped the back of the chair.

Grimacing, Terry slowly swiveled the makeup chair around.

Realization slowly creeping over his face, Thomas’ eyes became as big as saucers.  Terry could have sworn Thomas’ mouth made a thudding sound as his jaw hit the floor, although that could have easily been Terry’s heart pounding in his chest.  He wasn’t quite sure.

“Oh.  My.  God.”  And with that, Thomas spun on his heels and pushed his way past the bubbling, blonde girls to the safety of the hallway.

** Stay tuned for Chapter V – Thomas **

3 thoughts on “As the Phase Dock Turns, Chapter IV

  1. Welcome back Vi….this was an unexpected turn of events. I know each story has been about a different “character”, but this cross dressing actor/actress came outta no where. F’n hilarious!

    Liked by 1 person

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