The Name Game

I feel like this blog is making a liar out of me.  I post about our 19 chickens… all but nine of them are slaughtered.  We buy four more…. now we have a baker’s dozen.  I never wrote about that.  I wrote about my bees and how I accomplished a split that didn’t go as … More The Name Game

Alaina is Sausage!

Today was my oldest daughter’s last day of high school.  Ever.  <sniff> Wanting to make a lasting impression on the rest of her senior class, Alaina decided to get dressed up this morning before school.  She looked stunning; wearing an adorable white sundress she had (tastefully) applied make-up and had curled her hair. I couldn’t help but … More Alaina is Sausage!

Doggy Lick

Camping season is right around the corner, so I would like to introduce a new category: Campfire Stories.  These are not original stories, but spooky tales that I have taken from urban legends or known campfire stories.  I have tweaked them slightly to scare the bejesus out of my unsuspecting audience – my family!  Here … More Doggy Lick

3-4-5 Quiz

I’m going to be completely honest…. I love taking quizzes.  I was recently reminded of this when Josh from My Friday Blog posted a Grown up Quiz, which I stepped right up and took in (wait for it…) Step Right Up and Take the Grown-Up Quiz!! When I happened upon Peckapalooza’s Confusing Middle blog post I … More 3-4-5 Quiz