Funky Writing

I’ve been in a bit of a writing funk lately.  The thing is, unlike most writing funks, I know exactly why I can’t produce.  Some members of my husband’s family are currently dealing with some pretty scary shit, which is drudging up a lot of painful memories of my own.  This is as far as I can get into it… I wish I could say more, because each time I sit down to write, the subject is the only thing I wish I can put down on paper and get out of my head.  But I can’t.  So I won’t.

My husband and I decided that it would be best to go talk to someone, professionally.  Until I can get back to my normal cheeky, humor-writing self, you, my few dear readers, are going to have to endure recipes, draft posts that were so very near completion but never were posted, guest blogs, and superficial posts that I don’t have to put my everything into.  You will not be reading Cari, in her entirety.  Right now, I just can’t.

I hope I don’t lose any of you… As disconnected as people are through social media, I still felt the urge to explain where I have been.  I still peruse the Reader, though not as often as I should to upkeep my established blog relationships.  Don’t worry… I’m still here.

14 thoughts on “Funky Writing

    1. Thank you Josh. I have been dealing with these issues for a very long time…. They were buried, resurfaced, dealt with by attending years of counseling, accepted, reburied, and have now found their way to the surface again due to how close to home the situation really is. It sucks when you think you have conquered something, only to have it come back and slap you right in the face. What am I doing today? Organizing my pantry. If I can’t control the situation, my thoughts, etc., then at least I can put everything in my pantry in order, lol. Thank you for your kind words.

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      1. Josh Wrenn

        I completely understand. Still waiting to get into see someone for my own issues myself, in the mean time, I am just doing my best to not face them but they sneak up and demand to be faced occasionally. Here’s hoping the next round gets yours dealt with once and for all.

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  1. For YEARS I didn’t face what happened, but just cowered from the thought. I have found that not facing them was worse in the long run than just accepting what happened and moving on. While demons rear their ugly heads every now and again, if you accept (not understand… big difference, I will never understand) it DOES get a little easier. At a distance, that is. Again, too close to home. This round, I will continue to come out fighting (it would be unlike me NOT to), and we WILL concur these demons because I have my husband on my side.


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