As the Phase Dock Turns, Chapter II

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Chapter II – Cari

Undoubtedly, this was her favorite place in the whole wide world: relaxing on a crisp white sheet freshly placed upon the warm sand, the sun gently kissing her face.  Lying on her side, Cari propped herself up on one arm so she could take in all of the natural beauty.  For miles and miles, the color gradient was absolutely breathtaking: white beach melting into blue-green sea melting into skyline.  The warm Caribbean breezes, heavy with the briny scent of the ocean, whisked her dark hair into a whirlwind above her head.  The same gusts that tossed her hair also occasionally flirted with her long white skirt, flipping it into the air and gently laying it back down again just as quickly.  Intermittently, a cool drop of condensation raced down the neck of her Corona, onto her fingertips, and traced lines down the back of her hand.  At her feet, the undulating surf deposited a continuous supply of tiny bubbles onto the sand.  There was only one thing that this picture perfectness was missing…

In the distance, an outline moved slowly up the beach toward where she lay.  As the figure moved closer, she recognized the man as her love… her Thomas.  How she loved this man!  He was her everything.  Cari had struggled in the past with love and had built walls around her heart. If there was one person in this world who she could give herself completely to, however, it was Thomas.  She had never before felt the yearning of another human soul as strongly as she did with him.  The world could come crashing down around her and the sea swallow up the rest, but as long as Thomas was with her it would be alright by her.  The waves seemed to taunt her: with each step that Thomas took, the water caressed up and down his muscular legs, and lovingly swirled around his feet.  The way that his hips swayed with each step drove her mad!  She longed to be pressed up against him, feeling his manhood throbbing against her pelvis.

“Cari!” he cried out.  His voice was ecstasy, the sound circling around her, gently stroking every hair on her body.

“Cari, my love, come to me!  Take my hand, so we can walk up and down the beach, hands intertwined as my heart is with yours.”  Her heart melted at the thought.

“Cari!!”  Thomas’ voice got undesirably louder and abrasive.

“Cari, God damnit, get back to work!  Hugh wants this fucker out by Friday and we don’t have time for you to fuck off in La La Land!”  Cari was brought back to reality by the loud annoying sound of the riveting gun being handled by someone across the hangar.  Sitting atop a ladder in the wheel well of the “fucker”, so eloquently put by her fearless leader Clay, was Cari, wrench in hand, daydreaming.  Again.  Clay’s face was bright red.  He always got that way when he was screaming at someone.  This was not an uncommon thing to see.

“I’m serious Cari!  You better fucking shape up or you’re not going to see that next promotion!  I haven’t told Hugh about all of your slacking, but I will and then you will be totally fucked!”  Geez.  Always going on and on about making rank.  Who the fuck cares anyway?  All Cari cared about was love, and she had finally found it.

Stepping down off of the ladder, she quickly scanned the hangar floor for him.  Across the hangar, leaning coolly against a toolbox, stood Thomas, chatting amongst several of their coworkers. Cari longed to be part of their conversations, in more ways than one.  Thomas was known to be a playboy or Casanova, if you will.  Lord knew he could pull it off with his chiseled body and intoxicating charm.  Girls lined up for a chance with “Thomas the Man” knowing all along that they would be cast aside after a few short weeks as “his girl”.  The water cooler conversations at work all seemed to center around Thomas and his new flavor.  If she could just get him to notice her, Cari knew that he would fall as desperately in love with her, as she was with him.  Sadly, even after almost a year of working side by side, the only exchange between the two was the occasional “hello”.  Someday.  Someday he would see who she really was, and she would be the only woman that he would ever need for the rest of his life.

“Are you fucking listening to me, Cari?!”  Clay again.  Didn’t that little prick  have anything better to do?

“Fuck, Clay!  All right already!  I’m not the only one fucking off.”  Cari pointed to where Thomas and three of the other guys were gossiping around the toolbox.  “Why have you always got to jump on my shit?!” Cari yelled.

With that, Clay turned on his heel and hurriedly made his way towards the men’s locker room.  He was really weird about that.  Everyone in the docks whispered about the reason why Clay ran off to the locker room all the time.  The general consensus was that Clay was just a rude bastard, and that was his little way of being demeaning to a person: turn his back on a conversation.  Also, the fact that Clay and Hugh shared an office was a good excuse why he ran off to the locker room, and not take refuge behind his desk, like any normal boss-figure type.  Looking for a little piece and quiet?  Who knew, fucking weirdo, Cari thought.  All she cared about was that Clay was gone again, leaving her with plenty of time to fantasize about the Caribbean beaches and her true love, Thomas.


Stay tuned for Chapter III – Clay


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