Doggy Lick

Camping season is right around the corner, so I would like to introduce a new category: Campfire Stories.  These are not original stories, but spooky tales that I have taken from urban legends or known campfire stories.  I have tweaked them slightly to scare the bejesus out of my unsuspecting audience – my family!  Here is a good one to start off with… Doggy Lick.

Doggy Lick

Ever since Alaina was a little girl, when she was scared, she would put her hand under her bed where, more times than not, her dog could be found.  The dog would lick her hand to comfort her.  It was a disgusting display of affection, her mother thought, but whatever.  Occasionally, Alaina would comfort the dog as well; whenever he seemed shaken, Alaina would offer her hand, and allowing him to lick her hand seemed to calm the dog down.  Alaina absolutely loved that dog, and the dog was very protective over Alaina.  So, to each their own, her mother thought.

Fast forward: Alaina had just turned 14-years old.  One night, her parents told her that they were going out to dinner and a movie, and they would probably be home a little late.  Alaina had been home by herself before, but never past 9:00 or so.  She didn’t want to stay home alone, but her parents told her she was old enough and everything would be fine.  She didn’t want to seem immature, so she agreed.

Alaina’s parents left around 7:00 that night.  After about an hour or so of watching TV, Alaina decided that she was bored, and went downstairs to her room to go to bed.  She laid down in bed, but after turning out the light of her bed-side lamp, the shadows made her mind race and she became scared.  Usually, she had no problem falling asleep, but with no one else home, her imagination was running wild.

All of a sudden, she heard her dog whimpering in his usual hiding place under her bed.  Relieved, Alaina put her hand down, reached under the bed skirt, and felt her dog start to lick her hand.  After a few minutes, however, he stopped. Comforted, and feeling that her dog was assured as well, she pulled her hand back up under her covers, rolled over, and closed her eyes.  Within seconds of closing her eyes, however, the dog started whimpering again, so she sighed, rolled back over, and stuck her hand back under the bed.  Ha!  Usually it was the dog comforting her, but it seemed it was the other way around tonight!  This whole charade continued on a few more times; the dog whimpering, Alaina sticking her hand under the bed to get licked, the licking stopping, but the dog whimpering again as soon as she pulled her hand away.  Alaina finally fell asleep.

Around 11:00, her parents came barging into Alaina’s room, flipping lights on in a fury.  Her dad flung open her closet door, and started inspecting the room for signs of a visitor.  Their neighbor Mike had called Alaina’s parents on their cell phone when he had seen a dark figure sneaking out of Alaina’s bedroom window.  He was quick to warn them of Alaina “having a boy over” while they were gone.

Alaina sat up in bed, confused.  Wiping the sleep out of her eyes, she tried explaining to her parents that she absolutely did not have a boy over.  She tried explaining how she watched TV for a little bit, then went to bed because she was bored.  They were unconvinced: Mike had seen someone climb out a window of the house, and specifically pointed out Alaina’s bedroom.  She began to cry in frustration, wondering why her parents did not believe her.  With desperation, she finally yelled, “Look, it was just me and my dog in my room all night long!!  If there was someone else here, my dog would have been barking his head off!”

“That is true, Alaina,” her mother explained, “if the dog was actually in your room.  However, he has been locked up in his kennel in the garage all night long.  I put him there before we left, and he was still there when we came through the garage just now.”

6 thoughts on “Doggy Lick

    1. Good memory! I think I originally heard this one during my one and only Girl Scouts camping trip. That and playing “light as a feather, stiff as a board”…. Now those were some good times!

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    1. YES!! I loved that book, and actually bought a copy of that for my son, not too long ago. He is still too creeped out to read it, lol. I like to prepare a new story each time we go camping by taking an urban legend, inserting one of their names into the mix, and tell/read it around the camp fire. Good times! Or, at least for me it is. Maybe that is why we constantly have kids climbing into bed with us while we are camping!

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