Flattery or F-ing Annoying?


You know the old saying, “Imitation is the highest form of flattery”?  Does anyone else think this is a crock of shit?  There is nothing that irritates me more than a copycat; mimicking my mannerisms, behavior, hobbies, hairstyle, the way I talk, or opinions (once their own differing opinion was previously stated).

So, I wanted to take a little poll here…

Do you find imitation flattering, or just plain fucking annoying/irritating/grating/irksome/etcetera?

19 thoughts on “Flattery or F-ing Annoying?

  1. I agree! At first it’s kind of cute, but after awhile it’s like “okay, come up with something on your own, you unoriginal terd”! Thanks for your response; I’m glad I’m not just being a crazy, unappreciative beast.


    1. Uh, this individual’s approach has been… sneaky, secretive, untruthful, and…. in-your-face annoying. I’m all about “hey I got a great deal on so and so” and then we are both sporting the same pair of running tights. No, this is something all together different. But I agree: It is all in the approach!


  2. I’m with you. It’s F-ing annoying. (Capital F!) As an artist, over the years, I’ve had numerous people who’ve asked me to teach them how to inject “art” into basic photography. So…I’d spend a few weeks with them and share a few of my hard-learned methods and really share my personal artistic style with them. But..no matter what- a month or two later, they would totally rip me off. All of them! And not just a little bit, but blatant copying of my style. SO not cool. To this day, some continue to emulate my style (to a T) and they know they’re doing it. It’s totally not flattery! I feel you. Not sure who came up with that phrase, but I’ve never liked it.

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    1. Ugh. I couldn’t imagine something as intimate as my art/writing/creation being plagiarized by some assbag that was so lacking in talent that they felt it necessary to steal someone’s style!! Anyway, isn’t that illegal? How utterly disappointing.


      1. Well no, not in the art world, especially photography. I purposely set out to do the opposite of what most of my peers were doing. It garnered a lot of attention, because it was a bold style and people were so caught up on “perfect, crystal clear pictures” (which I can’t stand) and so I set out to sort of “uglify” my images. But it’s still my personality, you know? So, there are always those people who want to attention without putting in the years of hard work. I used to fall for it- not anymore. But you’d be surprised at the people who’re willing to rip off other people’s styles- it’s crazy!

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  3. If you think dead-things-in-your-desk, peek-from-your-closet, knife-in-the-shower CA-RAZY is flattering, totally. Suck it up, 6, you know you like the Single White Female!

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  4. if I ever find anything remotely close to being dead in my desk (besides the bottle of hot sauce I just killed, of course), I would totally come unglued! This emulation is more Cable Guy than Single White Female! Either way you look at it, CA-RAZY is a good way to describe it!.


  5. I guess if it was coming from someone who I gave birth too, or only saw occasionally, I would find it flattering. But if it was someone who I had to work with on a daily basis then yes, that would be pretty annoying!

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  6. Family members are exempt from this kind of annoyance. When you birth, are born of, share the same parents, or are married to an individual, I think you would automatically rotate to a shared lifestyle, set of mannerisms, language, or behavior. Yep, totally exempt.


    1. LOL, Awww…. Now I wouldn’t say that. You could be getting immitated, as I type this. You are probably the type of guy that everyone looks up to and strives to be like, but you are too humble to realize it. Very admirable, actually. 🙂

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  7. Like you said family is exempt. Having your kids imitate you is probably part genetics and partly because you doing a good job as a parent. Other than that, I’d lean towards the flattery part as long as the imitation is taking place at a distance. Having someone imitate you while your present is a lil creepy. I would definitely be annoyed by that

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    1. Uh, the imitation is right up in my face. Other people comment how much this person is emulating me. It’s getting a bit weird, actually….. almost as if this person blog-stalked me and is now going to the extreme to see if they are the one I’m referring too, lol. Petty, I know. Childish, maybe. But GAWD!


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