Easter Dinner


Just a quick post on our Easter Dinner spread:

* Butter-rum injected smoked ham (I had that baby in the smoker for about 5 hours today! It turned out phenomenal! )
* Spinach salad with strawberries and red onion and a bacon vinaigrette dressing
* Sautéed green beans with slivered almonds
* Whole wheat dinner rolls
* Mountains of deviled eggs (my special recipe with Malt Vinegar)
* Mashed potatoes  (the 17-year old’s request)
* Rosemary scalloped potatoes

And for dessert:

* Triple chocolate trifle
* Strawberry shortcake
* Carrot cake

To top it all off, my hubby made his special sangria! We’re going to stuff our faces, hide some Easter eggs filled with candy and money in the yard for the kids to find, and take a family hike in the woods to search for those early popping morels. What a great day!  Happy Easter all!

8 thoughts on “Easter Dinner

  1. Okay, not sure how I missed this post, but holy crap! Your spread is giving me some serious food envy right now! PS if you want to share the recipe for those deviled eggs, I wouldn’t be opposed. 😉

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    1. It WAS tasty! The thing about my cooking… I don’t always measure, so an exact recipe for the eggs will be difficult until I make them again. However, the basis for the deviled egg mixture: hard-boiled egg yolks, a teeny bit of mustard, olive oil mayo, malt vinegar, Jane’s Crazy Mixed Up Seasoning Salt to taste. That’s it!

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