Hello world!

With everything that I do, it always seems that I have so many great in-betweens and endings, but not so many great beginnings.  You know that whole ‘when life hands you lemons’ quote?  Yeah, story of my life.  I have learned to season the best of “shit sandwiches”, and still….

I cannot count how many times I have envisioned myself, 300 Spartan -style kicking a door in the room, making my presence known, literally or not.   As I sit down to type this VERY FIRST ‘ViCARIously Speaking’ blog, I have an inkling that my entrance won’t be so dynamic or bad ass.  Maybe I will have to catch you on the back end?  Or, maybe not…..

I really have tried, over the past couple of years.  I started a blog, and claimed to have ‘been there, done that’ on pretty much anything that life could throw at you:  I wanted to help, using my life experiences.  I started a blog, and depicted the wonderful world of breastfeeding, as perfect and natural and sucky (no pun intended, ha!) that it was: I wanted to share my most of the time hilarious, some of the time heartbreaking, and the struggles as a working mom trying to feed her child, as her body was intended.  I started a blog, to share my struggles and successes of providing healthy, meals to my family; a husband and three kids ranging from infant to teen: I take great pride in, and wanted to share the ability to create something in the kitchen to nourish a family, knowing exactly where it comes from and what is in it.

Then comes the FaceBook (FB) pages… after kicking and screaming and finally succumbing to the sometimes ridiculous world of FB, I started a BeeHooved Farms page: In my life journeys, I have decided to raise honeybees and chickens and garden and craft, and have found the most satisfaction yet out of these wonderful hobbies.  Then there was the What’s for Dinner? page that I created as a conduit for my mom and I to share recipes: Did I mention that I love to cook??

My high school best friend, who happens to be a beautifully eloquent writer, suggests that I combine all aspects of my blogs/FB pages and create one.  She claims that it will “take off”.  I did say that I had a problem with beginnings, right?

So here goes… a little bit of life, a lot a bit of kids, a little bit of advice, a lot a bit of laughs, a little bit of struggles, a lot a bit of recipes, a little bit of chickens, a lot a bit of bees, a little bit of essential oils, a lot a bit of living naturally, a little bit of homesteading, a lot a bit of gardening, and a little bit of wine.  Oh, who in the hell am I kidding?!  A lot a bit of wine!  Happy reading!!


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