Poo Juice

Several years ago, while searching for “healthy recipes”, I happened upon an article that caught my eye.  The picture of the bright, green liquid in the mason jar piqued my interest.  The claim that this emerald green concoction was a sort of detox and would help me “lose weight”  sealed the deal.  I had to try … More Poo Juice

The Mitten Monster

It is the same thing every winter – around mid-February, I start pleading with Mother Nature to please, please warm up. Don’t get me wrong… I have learned to accept the cold, being holed up in the house, the lack of daylight, and the occasional dumping of snow that accompanies a Central-Illinois winter.  I actually, … More The Mitten Monster

Hello world!

With everything that I do, it always seems that I have so many great in-betweens and endings, but not so many great beginnings.  You know that whole ‘when life hands you lemons’ quote?  Yeah, story of my life.  I have learned to season the best of “shit sandwiches”, and still…. I cannot count how many … More Hello world!